The Neutral Host Problem

With over 150 years combined experience helping wireless carriers meet their network objectives, Simplifi's founders and management team understands the traditional challenges that carriers face in providing simple, cost-effective network densification strategies that work for them as well as the property owners . We understand the cumbersome, unfair and disproportional financial models that have come to define the neutral-host space. We knew there was a better way to equitably meet the wireless carriers' and property owners' objectives and still provide value to our shareholders. We made this belief the cornerstone of our company as we created the most carrier-friendly neutral host solution in the industry

In the end, we aren't looking for "anchor tenants," we're looking for partners.


Our Approach

How do we do it? Our Carrier Model is based on fairness, lower costs and flexible options:

  • We approach venues in verticals and markets where there is an underlying carrier interest in densification

  • We work with property owners that understand the value of having quality wireless service, rather than falsely viewing DAS as a payday

  • Our venue lease process is the most owner-friendly in the industry which equals shorter cycle times and higher success

  • Our successful partnerships with property owners allows us to bring the volume that carriers want

  • We use our expertise in the DAS integration industry to lower our deployment costs which gets passed on to the carriers

  • From day 1, carriers pay only their fair share

  • We offer flexible, tailored financial options for each carrier and venue

  • Want a cost per square foot model? We have that.

Our Goal? To provide wireless carriers with the lowest total cost to deploy DAS. Period.

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