Seeking a neutral-host model that makes sense?

Explore our funding models below to discover the path that makes the most of your in-building wireless investment:



Your Investment

With wireless roots going 150-years deep, we understand the traditional challenges that carriers face in in-building wireless. We understand the unfair, disproportional financial models that have come to define the neutral-host space, and that's why we decided to create the most carrier-friendly solution in the industry. 

At the end of the day, we aren't looking for "anchor tenants," we're looking for partners.

Our Approach

How do we do it? Our Carrier Model is based on fairness, low costs and flexible options:

  • We offer flexible, tailored financial options for each carrier and venue
  • Carriers pay only their fair share
  • We give carriers the best financial terms they have ever seen
  • Simple and swift legal process
  • Secondary infrastructure options

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Your Investment

We want to build systems, not "lock up" properties.

Our Enterprise Model gives venues the flexibility, and financial protection, that is needed to fund and install an in-building wireless system that meets all of their needs, at no risk.


Our Approach

Our unique risk-free approach, affords enterprises peace of mind/confidence throughout the entire in-building wireless system process - from funding, to carrier agreements, to the system going live and beyond.

  • Most carrier-friendly model in the industry
  • More robust financial model than other neutral-host providers
  • Easy Market Agreement terms allow us to be fast
  • Secondary options - PON, spare fiber, WiFi and more
  • Our contracts are contingent on carrier approval, protecting your investment

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