In-building wireless systems for every industry



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Wireless environments enable physicians and staff to work more efficiently and effectively, and allow patients to stay connected with friends and family.



REIT's / Highrise Office Space


Keep your property portfolio competitive with world-class wireless infrastructure needed to drive occupancy, tenant satisfaction, and retention.


Higher Education

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Keep your university ahead of the technology curve with a robust connected campus environment that enables students, visitors, faculty and staff to stay wirelessly connected from classroom to stands.


Shopping / Convention Centers

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With more than 70 percent of data connections taking place indoors [apps, email, video streaming & text], be sure to maximize visitor satisfaction with a wireless infrastructure that enables them to make the most of their shopping or convention experience. 



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Improve customer acquisition and room booking rates with cutting-edge in-building wireless technology capable of supporting the coverage and capacity that your customers expect.


Sporting Venues

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Deliver a first-class fan experience with a robust wireless system capable of keeping fans buzzing, teams and performers interacting, and media professionals connected.